Are you frustrated & can't find anyway to get your customers to return more often?


To make more profits, you MUST have a system to follow-up! To get your customers to buy
more often by getting in front of where their eyes are the most, their cell phones!


If you don’t have a way you’re missing
the easiest way to make your business more profitable! 

Customers want communication from you, but not too much.
How do you show you care without overdoing it? 
PLUS It has to be simple and easy or you will not do it.
If you don’t have a system now you’re in the right place.

Most salespeople and restaurants are busy, and if you want to make more sales you must have an automated way (CRM) to follow up with people you talked to and get customers in more often.


We have automated messages that are ready for you to use, that are tested,
will make more sales and get customers to stop more often. 



Request a live demo, meet the owner and see for yourself if you would use it.

If you want to see how this works opt into one of our systems,
we don’t sell your information and you can opt out at any time.


The Only Thing You’ll Get Is A Callback!


Don Mjelde President, Brown County Tavern League

I have been using VIP FollowUp for both my business and the Brown County Tavern League for over 5 years now. It is easy to enter information, and is very effective towards reaching a number of people in a short time!

Lori Peotter A Friend To Share, Inc

Thanks for sharing this information and making time to meet with us new business owners! I've found all of the information to be very useful. Thanks again!

Dr. Ray Roddan Pro Care Chiropractic

You are one of the most innovative marketing guys I have ever met. I enjoy working with you!!!

Joanne Chrobot President, KnowledgeWorks Global Inc. Events for Your Life

I love your advice because it makes sense, is simple, and I can easily implement what you say into my websites.

Justin Scott Loan Officer 878581

Bob at Tophat marketing has been very helpful with my business. I've recently used his services in two separate facets; originally he assisted me with a mailing campaign I was launching; when I let him know that I was trying to keep the initial cost as low as possible, he still offered his services in helping me set up the campaign properly. Issuing advice that ranged from tips on how to make my campaign more effective, to physically assisting me with setting up the paperwork. The second facet I've used Bob for was my CRM service, I've subscribed to a monthly membership using his VIP follow-up CRM program. Not only does it compare in cost, but it has features that I utilize regularly. Following up is the most quintessential part of any businesses success; and it's nice to have a cost effect program that does just that. I often tell people about the success I've had with VIP follow-up, and continue to use the knowledge he provided with my marketing campaign. I appreciated the diligence and services he has provided for me and my clients.

Jen Erlandson Agent at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Robert is community minded and an expert business developer. His business success is built on the foundation of helping other business owners succeed.

Cody Muenster Business coach, founder of & The Loops networking groups, marketing & sales strategy fanatic

Bob is easy to work with and full of great ideas. With his wealth of knowledge I promise you he can offer you multiple marketing tips and strategies to directly impact your business bottom line. Without reservation, I would recommend a sit down with Bob to discuss possible collaboration as he is someone you can always count on for advice.

Avram Berk Attorney/President at Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

I have come to know Robert through networking events and community activities. He is a polished speaker who is outgoing and energetic. He shows a concern for other people and their success.

Andrew Duchow Writer, Non-Profit Fund Raising, Owner at Green Bay Copywriting

Bob was my first client. I was brand new to business, with no connections in the area - my professional network consisted pretty much of just him. He went out of his way to invite me to networking meetings, and introduced me to people he taught I would do well to know. I look back and realize that many of my most valuable contacts, partnerships, and connections grew from seeds he planted and it wasn't for any monetary gain. He made nothing for helping me out. It was simply because he believes in helping others find success

Alf Marcussen CEO, Inventor, Founder Larviks Investment Group

I met Bob through some seminars through Jay Abraham and he certainly was a good guy that stood out in the crowd as being a guy that was thinking out of the box. He has a lot of great ideas and is very creative with his approach to marketing and sales. I can highly recommend for anyone to work with him if they want to be on the cutting edge and in addition, Bob is a very reliable guy to work with too.

Tina Dettman-Bielefeldt Assistant District Director for Wisconsin, SCORE

Robert is a dedicated marketing professional. In our volunteer work at SCORE, I have had the privilege of hearing several of his marketing presentation and counseling SCORE clients with him. He has great ideas and programs that allow entrepreneurs to maximize marketing dollars. When a SCORE client asks for marketing assistance, I always recommend Robert.

Dennis Fabian

Robert has always given his clients the best service possible. When you hire Robert, you will, always get more than what you paid for. Robert will give you great new ideas each time you need him. I would unquestionably, hire him again.

Richard Rentmeester

Robert Jahnke has always put other people first. Robert lives a life where making others successful is his ultimate goal. I have met few people in my life like Robert who can find the strengths of every person he comes into contact with and bring forward those strengths so that they can be the very best they hope to be.

David Novak Teacher NWTC

Robert is a very personable individual who truly understands marketing concepts and how to apply them to small, medium or large businesses. I trust Bob and appreciate his reliability when the need arises. I would recommend Robert to anyone who wishes to know more or learn how to implement his marketing concepts.

Steve Rose Peanut Butter Promise Priority-Integrity-based Success Seminar

What sets Robert apart from many others is he has a genuine care for his colleagues and clients. He is always seeking to become better in all areas of his life. I consider Robert a trusted friend.

Rick Steeber Loan Executive at Brown County United Way

I have had the pleasure to work with Robert/Bob on a number of committees over the past 4-5 years. He is very dedicated to not only his company and clients, but also as a volunteer for many community organizations. If you want to get something done – he is your man!

Deron Andre Managing Partner and Attorney at Andre Law Offices, LLC

Bob is a tireless worker who really looks out for his colleagues and clients. He is generous with his time, and not only for his clients. Through his work in the HBBA, he helps local business to succeed, whether or not they work directly with him. That is increasingly rare in today's world.