It seems like you’ve tried everything. While inside your doors, you strive to give customers an excellent experience and your product or service is at the top of its game.

But customers don’t come back. Or they don’t come back enough. Why? What are you doing wrong? Here are the top reasons why customers don’t return, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The VAST majority of customers don’t return because they feel under-appreciated or forgotten.

This is GREAT news for your business, because there are easy steps that you can take immediately to help your customers feel like they are appreciated.

Here are four easy solutions to combat the problem of customer appreciation:

(1) Ask them about themselves. Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Use an in-store sign up platform or comment cards to gather customer information. This not only allows you to communicate with them after they’ve left, but gives you valuable information on their likes and dislikes, their concerns, comments and their demographic information.

(2) Send an immediate thank you. It seems obvious, but it’s not always easy to do once the customer has left the building. By collecting customer information while they are inside your business, you can immediately and warmly thank them after they’ve left. This small touch can make a tremendous difference to a customer’s perception of their experience.

(3) Regularly communicate. Share new products or services, specials and events to keep them interested and excited. Make them feel like they are a part of the inner fold of your business, and they will be back.

(4) Remember their important events. According to Jeanne Jennings with Click Z Marketing News, sending your customer a special message and/or offer on their birthday can improve your chance of making a sale by 60%.

If the idea of collecting customer information and using it effectively feels daunting, consider using a customer relationship management tool like VIP Follow Up. VIP Follow Up can help you automate most of these steps, allowing you to focus on exceeding customer expectations while they are inside your doors and making them feel appreciated when they are not.

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